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Dear yuletide Writer!

I love you! Seriously! Here I am, asking for the teeny-tiny obscure fandoms of my heart, and you have offered to write them. I want to thank you SO MUCH for writing my story, and I look forward to singing your praises further when I get to read it. Thank you!

I am VERY easy-going about stories. Honest! You should absolutely not worry about me being picky. Gen, het, slash, femslash, romance, intrigue, humor, plot, introspection -- I'm good with all of them, and any rating. Explicit sex would be fantastic -- but so would the characters just being friends, or plotty, or kick-ass at their thang. Write what calls to you, and I will love it. I promise!

My only caveat: I have a strong helplessness squick. I don't like when characters can't affect the things around them at all -- I know it's necessary for some plots and I can take a little bit of it, but I need things to turn around pretty quickly. It's also my main objection to a lot of humiliation and non-con -- as long as the character can *do* something, I can get behind it, but please avoid making the story *about* that.

My favorite thing? Is complicated characters, and complicated relationships. I like people who have more than one reason for what they do, or find themselves in situations where they can't have everything they want. I like to see them choose, see them compromise. I don't like having everything work out perfectly, or having everything go completely wrong. I like seeing them try.

My theme for this year -- kind of running though all of my requests -- is intimacy. Obviously, I'm interested in physical intimacy. But it's not all sex! (though sex is good!) -- I love significant glances, back rubs, holding hands, patching up each others' wounds, bathing, cuddling... And I have to admit to a kink about people dressing each other; it's all caring and intimate without necessarily being sexual at all, and I like that. But there's also all that emotional intimacy, being honest with each other, sharing their feelings and secrets...

PC Hodgell - Chronicles of the Kencyrath: First of all, let me say I've read all the books and short stories through To Ride a Rathorn, so don't worry about spoilers! Conversely, if you haven't read that far, feel free to make things up as you need to. I am *so* not a stickler for canon in any way at all. Please don't let it confine you!

I love pretty much all of the characters in these books, so please pick the character(s) that speak to you best. If you have a story you want to tell, by all means, write it!

These are people who are thrown together over and over again -- from the way the Three-Faced God threw the Three Peoples together, to the bonds between lords and their people, to all of the life-or-death situations everyone finds themselves in way too often. These people practically live in each others' pockets, whether they want to or not. So what does it really mean, to be close to someone? How would they *choose* (or choose to avoid) intimacy?

Purple Rain (movie): I re-watched this movie in its entirety (not the cut-for-tv version) and found myself really wanting the fanfic -- raunchy, funny or tragic, full of 80's hair and fabulous clothes and desperate people trying to make a name for themselves. Band performances! Back-stabbing rivalries! I have to admit that most of the acting is truly terrible, but the characters are really, really good. I love Morris and Jerome, I love The Kid, I love his parents. I am less fond of Apollonia, but that's mostly because I don't think the character is well fleshed-out in the movie. I'd be happy to see someone make her into a person!

btw -- I have a firm opinion that The Kid's relationship with Apollonia is strongly influenced by The Kid's parents' relationship. It seems to me that the Kid pushes her from the beginning to see how she'll respond, and gets more attracted to her the more she's willing to put up with being bullied. You don't have to write my particular interpretation, (really, really not!), but if you want to make their relationship healthy and fluffy, you'll have to sell me on it a bit.

And... If you could find a way of working in costumes, dressing rooms, picking out each others' clothes... Umm, yeah. I'd be a happy fangirl. :)

Ann Patchett - The Magician's Assistant: I love the genuine affection that Sabine has for Parsifal and Phan. I'd love to see the three of them together -- at a party, an event, whatever. Or Parsifal and Sabine when they're first getting to know each other. Bonus points for including a magic trick or on-stage performance, because I love that kind of thing. (And no, I have no special knowledge of it, so you are totally free to fake it!)

Let me note that I'd be *thrilled* with any pairing (or threesome!) with these characters, if you wanted to write it. No character bashing on this one, please.

The Disappearing Man:

This is something of an experiment for me, since I've never requested fanfic for a song before. But I love this song, and the way it hints at a story without really fully telling it. Please don't do the stereotypical songfic and include the lyrics in the story -- I'm looking for fanfic based on the song, not an actual songfic.

Tell me something we don't know from the song. What if the characters are demigods in a myth about the turning of the seasons? What is the maiden's mother's story? What does the boatman think about taking all these lovelorn women across the river?

Note: If you aren't familiar with Purple Rain or The Disappearing Man, my Yuletide fandom pimp posts are here and here. In case you need a back-up plan :)

That's all I can think of at the moment. I hope that you found what you were looking for here, or something to help you out. If you're still not sure what to write me -- please, please write something that you would enjoy! A well-loved story is usually the best.

Happy Yuletide!
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