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for Best Post-Series Finale Fic *and* Best Original Character (Emily): in the vast and glorious power of christmas lights.

and for Best Angst: in losing farther, losing faster

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Arrow icons: Season 1 battle

sucksucksmile is running an Arrow Season 1 battle on their livejournal - we each make one icon per episode -- and I've been plodding away at these icons for the last three weeks as a break from doing accounting homework. I've really enjoyed the format for the battle; doing one icon per episode is just limiting enough to provide structure, without being as constrained as having to use a particular cap.

I really, really want to do a similar set for Empire next. :D

Somehow, there are no spoilers here. But there are 24 icons. :DCollapse )

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Jupiter Ascending
We finally went to see this movie, after half the internet has been squeeing about it mightily.

It was fun? I mean, I'm glad that I was thoroughly warned about the immigrant!fail sections of the movie, because they played no story role on top of being offensive. And I'm thrilled by the fanfic available.

But I have to say that I was completely disappointed by the fact that the main character wasn't basically Kenzi from Lost Girl. Not that anyone led me to believe that; but I somehow got it in my head that our Russian immigrant house cleaner was going to be sassy and grifter-ish about her new circumstances, and I'd built her up to be Kenzi and sadly, no, she was not.

... though I now want to see a Lost Girl / Jupiter Ascending mash up.

Then I came home and collapsed in what was probably (in hindsight) a weird seizure aura. This happens after about half the movies I see, and I really need to just assume it's going to happen and plan accordingly. Even when I dragged myself out of bed, I felt completely hung over. So I spent the evening reading JA fanfic and doing nothing else of any importance.

This week is homework and icons and (with luck) running my game on Wednesday. And a friend is in town who I'd like to see if I can make that work. And trying to carve out some brain space for my RarelyWritten story. And and and --

-- I guess it's business as usual for this year. *shrugs*

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Empire season finale *incoherent flailing*
Not particularly spoilery spoilers ahead (reaction to one scene, in the first hour, without the outcome of the scene)

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Wednesday reading meme
I haven't been reading much lately that isn't required by my accounting classes, but I ran across a recommendation for Courtney Milan's Trade Me that got me to pick up the book -- and then I read the whole thing in practically one sitting, because it is just that good.

The main characters respect each other's choices! They establish and acknowledge that both of their lives and happiness are important! They come from radically different backgrounds that strongly affect who they are, in ways that don't just boil down to 'one of us occasionally uses slang and the other has money.' The plot is unrealistic (not a surprise), but the characters are really, really good.

I loved Tina's family and Blake's dad. I'm thrilled that Tina's roommate is going to be the protagonist for the next book -- we didn't get to see very much of her, but I liked what I saw so far. I am definitely going to read the rest of the series, and check out the author's historical romances.

(Trigger warnings for the book: one character has an eating/over-exercising disorder, one character and their family has a history of persecution and torture for political dissension in another country before they came to the US, brief references to a trans person's experiences with misgendering and transphobic obnoxiousness.)

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multifandom icons
Mostly made for the icon rumble at gameofcards. (I came in third, YAY! Of course, most of the icons I thought would get voted up didn't, and the ones I didn't expect to get any traction are the ones that won their category. Rumbles, man. Who understands them?)

(note: icon ending count 432 for the Make 1,000 Icons project)

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so much homework
Last term was a mess toward the end, because I reached the point where I was having to cram over the weekend in order to get all my homework done on time. That led to me being unable to do homework for a couple of days at the beginning of the week -- and ending up cramming things into the weekend again. Trying to shove information into my brain when my brain says it's full is like having a head full of bees.

My head is already full of bees. I've pushed to the end of my ability every. single. night. this week. And I still have a ton of work to do before Sunday night -- I need to finish taking notes for one chapter and do the homework there, then read and take notes for a second chapter, do that chapter's homework, and that chapter's quiz.

Tonight, I had to pull the shower trick. (Bees don't like showers.) I'll try exercise tomorrow (move faster than the bees, outside, where they're easily distracted). If I'm lucky, I'll be far enough along by tomorrow afternoon to take tomorrow night off. (Bees get bored easily and wander off while I have fun.) Then I can finish up on Sunday, hopefully without attracting more bees.

... mmm, honey. I bought some raw buckwheat honey a while back. It's crystallized and dark and sooooo good. I can't eat much at once, but in tiny spoonfuls it is heaven.

In related news, my partners are awesome! They let me chatter at them about amortization of bond premiums and discounts. That was the discussion topic for one of my classes this week, and I was trying to figure out how to make a discussion out of it instead of a factual essay. While having bees in my head, so getting the words out wasn't happening without an audience.

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(no subject)
I spent 30 minutes panicking tonight, when I thought the school website was sending me to the wrong textbook. Because the chapter had nothing to do with the discussion question I needed to answer by Thursday (which meant answering it tonight because my game is tomorrow), and I assumed the questions would be related to the chapter.

After looking ahead, as near as I can tell, none of the discussion questions will be related to the book chapters. They're just... tax related. Okay, my tax accounting professor is one of those people. Now that I know, I can handle that.

So I googled some information on tax audits and regurgitated it appropriately on the discussion board. Done.

... I still have to read the chapter and do all the other homework. But at least the time-sensitive part is done.

I'll be so much happier when I'm actually in the groove with these classes and out of the 'I have no idea how this class is supposed to work!' flailing phase.

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I'm starting to bounce back from my seizure last week. One of the last lingering effects is the feeling that nothing I can say can express what I want to express, so I'm still having trouble posting and talking. So I'm behind on about a million comments.

-- thank you! to everyone who commented with hugs and words of encouragement, they were greatly appreciated.

My classes start this week. I went from last term's silent class-bubbles to two classes with high student-contact. There are required discussion posts, and multiple required responses. I'm feeling overwhelmed right now.

But I have successfully logged into the homework websites for each class, copied all the due dates to my calendar, and posted (required) introductions in the class threads. So I'm not behind yet (no matter how I feel about it) and it looks like I will have the chance to work ahead some in each class once I get my feet under myself again.

I also successfully avoided signing up for the Mafia game, yay! Though I am reading all the posts, and am also convinced that I've figured out what I did wrong the last few times and should definitely sign up next time. (Why yes, brain, I'm sure that hole will have magically disappeared since last time. We can't possibly fall into it again. *facepalm*)

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food fraud: Cumin mixed with almond and/or peanut shells
Because of a crop shortage, some of the cumin (in the UK, at least) has been mixed with peanut or almond shells: from The Independent UK, recall of one brand

Note: This article mentions it happening in the US, but I can't find corroboration. On the other hand, there's no reason to assume it isn't happening here.

Commonly adulterated spices and how to test for them: from Epicurean Digest

Note: Mostly, the test is "mix a small amount with water and see what happens." Hint: most spices don't float, while most adulterants do.

So, hey, if you have a nut or legume allergy, your chances of being exposed to cross-contaminated food just went way up. Good luck.

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